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National Safety Council Emphasizes Role of Supervisors in Fatigue Management

In a recent initiative, the NSC has introduced an Impairment Recognition and Response Training program for supervisors, specifically tailored to address workplace impairment.
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MINERA PANAMA, S.A., subsidiary of First Quantum Minerals LTD, adopts Readi at the Cobre Panama mining site

MINERA PANAMA, S.A. has chosen to utilize Readi, the predictive fatigue management technology, in a site-wide implementation at the Cobre Panama mine.
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Webinar: How Marcobre uses Readi to predict fatigue and reduce fatigue event

Join us for a fascinating webinar as industry leaders discuss the successful implementation of predictive fatigue management in mining operations.
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New Whitepaper: Readi Integrates with All Major ELDs to Predict Driver Fatigue

This in-depth report explores how Fatigue Science's Readi platform integrates with Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) to provide personalized fatigue predictions for each driver, generated in advance of every shift.
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VIDEO: Marcobre’s Mina Justa Mine Uses Readi to Reduce Fatigue Events, Improving Safety and Productivity

By implementing Readi, our predictive fatigue management platform, at their Mina Justa mine, Marcobre has significantly improved the wellbeing and safety of their workers, while also enhancing their productivity and performance.
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New Case Study: Mine achieves 50% reduction in fatigue camera alarms with Readi predictive technology

In the case study, a large Central American copper mine implemented Readi alongside their existing reactive fatigue detection system, Caterpillar DSS. The resulting improvements enhanced both safety and productivity by minimizing disruption to ongoing operations.
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Fatigue Science Achieves Milestone as 20 Mine Sites Adopt Readi Site-Wide for Fatigue Management

We are proud to announce that our Readi platform has been adopted by 20 mine sites worldwide, solidifying its position as the industry standard for managing worker fatigue.
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Predictive vs. Reactive Fatigue Management in Mining

In this article, we will explore the differences between reactive and proactive approaches to fatigue management, examining their respective strengths and discussing how they can complement each other to maximize safety and efficiency in mining operations.
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How Fatigue Affects 7 Key Metrics in Mining

Operator fatigue is a force inherent to mining, and unfortunately an omnipresent threat to safety and productivity, with a direct impact on lost-time incidents, injury, death, and financial losses. In this article, we discuss the impact of worker fatigue on the seven metrics that matter to mining companies.