Fatigue Science in the Press

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Fatigue Science featured in Canadian Mining Magazine for Predictive Mining Tech

We're delighted to be featured in Canadian Mining Magazine for changing how the world's top mines keep workers safe and productive via ML and predictive technology.
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Re-Thinking the Toolbox Talk: How mine sites are changing pre-shift safety briefings to use predictive fatigue data

The pre-start meeting is the place where shift supervisors discuss the tasks for the day, highlight safety precautions, and issue warnings.
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3-Minute Video: How Machine Learning Predicts Fatigue

We're excited to share with you our latest video that explains how Readi’s ML Engine predicts fatigue in just 3 minutes.
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Orica deploys Readi fatigue management platform at mines across Mexico and Dominican Republic

An Australian-based company and one of the world’s leading mining and infrastructure solutions providers, Orica has implemented its Readi platform throughout several mine sites and distribution sites across Mexico and the Dominican Republic.
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2-Minute Video: How mining shift supervisors predict worker fatigue with Readi

Fatigue Science, your partner in combating worker fatigue issue, is excited to release our 2-minute video: "How Supervisors Use Readi to Proactively Manage Fatigue".
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Reduce Disruption from Fatigue Cameras in Haul Trucks and Avoid Lost Mine Productivity

The reactive systems play a valuable role in identifying fatigue in real-time. However, the triggered alarms, though vital for safety, can introduce unexpected disruptions.
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National Safety Council Emphasizes Role of Supervisors in Fatigue Management

In a recent initiative, the NSC has introduced an Impairment Recognition and Response Training program for supervisors, specifically tailored to address workplace impairment.
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MINERA PANAMA, S.A., subsidiary of First Quantum Minerals LTD, adopts Readi at the Cobre Panama mining site

MINERA PANAMA, S.A. has chosen to utilize Readi, the predictive fatigue management technology, in a site-wide implementation at the Cobre Panama mine.
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Webinar: How Marcobre uses Readi to predict fatigue and reduce fatigue event

Join us for a fascinating webinar as industry leaders discuss the successful implementation of predictive fatigue management in mining operations.