Fatigue Science Identity Guidelines

You can familiarize yourself with the Fatigue Science identity guidelines and download brand assets here.

Fatigue Science logo

The primary Fatigue Science logo consists of a wordmark and hook. The hook should always appear in the primary orange, with the word mark in black or white depending on background color. In cases where colour is not available, the logo should be used in all black on light backgrounds or all white on dark backgrounds.

The monogram should only be used in cases of limited space, where the primary Fatigue Science logo legibility would be compromised.

You can download PNG logo files or Vector logo files.

Fatigue Science logo on light background

Fatigue Science logo on dark background

Fatigue Science logo recommended alignment guidelines

Fatigue Science logo guide. Not for reproduction purposes.

Brand Colors

Primary orange is to be used sparingly as an accent color, never as a large fill or background color.

Refer to the full Fatigue Color Spectrum document for the full color range and values.


Primary Orange




SAFTE Light Green

SAFTE Yellow

SAFTE Orange


SAFTE Dark Red

Cool Gray 1

Cool Gray 2

Cool Gray 3

Cool Gray 4

Cool Gray 5

Cool Gray 6

Cool Gray 7

Cool Gray 8

Cool Gray 9

Cool Gray 10


The primary Fatigue Science typeface is DIN Next Pro.