Webinar: How Marcobre uses Readi to predict fatigue and reduce fatigue events

Join us for a fascinating webinar as industry leaders discuss the successful implementation of predictive fatigue management in mining operations

Are you curious about how innovative technology can significantly impact safety and productivity in the mining industry?

Fatigue Science, the global leader in predictive fatigue management technology, recently hosted a webinar where participants from Macobre’s Mina Justa mine in Peru delved into the site’s successful use of Readi technology.

In this insightful webinar, you’ll hear from Victor Igor Valdiviezo, Superintendent of Operations at Marcobre’s Mina Justa Mine, and Robert Higdon, VP of Product & Marketing at Fatigue Science. Luis Gustavo Martínez Pérez, Commercial Manager of Sitech, a solutions provider for mining and heavy industry, moderates the conversation.

Victor and Robert discuss how Mina Justa has effectively deployed Readi to implement the emerging industry best practice of “predictive” fatigue management. 

You’ll learn how supervisors use the technology to proactively plan countermeasures for fatigue before shifts begin, leading to safer and more efficient mining operations. Moreover, Victor shares how Readi’s predictive technology is used in tandem with Caterpillar’s reactive DSS fatigue camera system, which detects microsleeps in haul trucks as they occur.

Thanks to the implementation of Readi and its proactive countermeasures, Mina Justa has achieved a rate of microsleeps (“DSS Fatigue Events”) that is 95% lower than the benchmark level set by Caterpillar. This impressive result showcases the potential of Fatigue Science’s Readi technology to revolutionize safety and productivity in the mining industry.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from industry leaders and gain valuable insights into the successful use of predictive fatigue management technology in mining. Click the link below to watch the webinar and discover how Mina Justa Mine achieved a remarkable reduction in fatigue-related incidents.

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