Sleep and nutrition highlight Seattle Sounders Sports Science Weekend

With the MLS season in full swing, the NHL Stanley Cup Final and NBA Final underway, and #Euro2016 set to kick off, timing couldn’t be more perfect for the fifth annual Seattle Sounders Sports Science Weekend. On June 9-11, 2016 the brightest minds and most accomplished innovators in sports will convene in the Emerald City to share their latest performance insights.

Once again, Fatigue Science will be in the mix at the Sounders Sports Science Weekend, this time along with our friend Dr. Brandon Marcello. Marcello will take centre stage to educate all on the unbreakable bond between sleep and nutrition for high performance athletes.

“Nutrition can make a good athlete great, or a great athlete good,” says Marcello, who has implemented successful high-performance training programs for professional, Olympic and collegiate athletes. “When built upon proper sleep habits, these two components can provide both an optimal training response, and improved performance.”

Marcello’s nutrition presentation highlights Day 2 (Friday, June 10, 12-12:45 PST) of the packed sports performance program, which also features the latest methodologies in training, strength & conditioning, performance coaching, and data analytics. This session on the symbiotic relationship between sleep and nutrition will be of great interest to pro, college, club, or high school coaches working at the highest level of any team sport.

“Within this talk,” adds Marcello. “I will discuss the foundational components of high-performance nutrition, and go into depth regarding supplements, nutrient timing, meal composition, nutritional myths, and methods of educating the athlete.”

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