Fatigue Science announces Offline Mode and Hotspots View for shift supervisors, enabling proactive fatigue intervention in underground and remote environments

Fatigue Science, the global leader in predictive fatigue analytics for mining, transportation and heavy industry, today announced the release of a major upgrade to ReadiSupervise, its mobile app for shift supervisors managing worker fatigue.

ReadiSupervise, the leading tool enabling industrial shift supervisors to proactively monitor and intervene on fatigued crew members, now supports two new pieces of functionality highly requested by customers in the mining sector. Taken together, the upgrades enable shift supervisors to have a comprehensive and actionable view of fatigue in their workforces in nearly any environment.

Offline Mode enables supervisors to view predictive fatigue levels for their entire crew, even when operating in underground settings, remote environments, or other situations that lack data connectivity. Supervisors simply sync their phone or tablet before leaving a point of connectivity. From there, they can interact fully with the full range of worker fatigue predictions over the entire shift ahead. The mode also supports Offline Intervention Logging, extending supervisors’ ability to track critical actions they take on duty. Automated cloud syncing occurs whenever connectivity is regained.

Additionally, Hotspots View offers supervisors the ability to visualize at-a-glance whether the day’s shift is likely to face elevated fatigue overall, and if so, at which particular hours. This feature was created in response to mining shift supervisors, who shared feedback that they have used similar insights accessible in Readi’s analytics platform to implement fatigue awareness campaigns and ‘fatigue breaks’ at the highest risk times of day. Now, these data are easy to access, one tap away on a mobile device, and key insights are pushed to supervisors as alerts at the start of each shift.

“Over the past year since our first launch of ReadiSupervise Mobile, customer demand has wildly exceeded expectations. Delivering fatigue awareness to supervisors’ pockets has been at the center of our growth, and we couldn’t be happier to respond to customer requests to enable proactive fatigue measures in their most critical operating environments,” says Robert Higdon, SVP of Product and Marketing.

Other benefits of the new ReadiSupervise experience include a dedicated mobile app for supervisors, separate from ReadiOne, an app used to view one’s own personal fatigue levels, as well as native support for tablet devices, and an improved overall user interface.

“Increasingly, industrial best practices for Fatigue Risk Management are shifting from reactive-only solutions to proactive approaches, and the shift supervisor is at the center of this evolution,” says Andrew Morden, President & CEO of Fatigue Science. “Our decision to invest in a seamless, glanceable experience for these supervisors is critical to our philosophy of fitting solutions within their existing workflows. By pushing critical information into their hands at the right moments, we’re enabling supervisors around the world to run safer and more productive shifts.”

ReadiSupervise is part of Readi FMIS, the world’s leading predictive fatigue management solution. Readi FMIS offers a comprehensive suite of fatigue management tools tailored to each role in an organization, including operations leaders, HSE staff, supervisors, dispatchers, and operators. ReadiSupervise is now available to all supervisors on the Readi FMIS platform.

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