MINERA PANAMA, S.A., subsidiary of First Quantum Minerals LTD, adopts Readi at the Cobre Panama mining site

Fatigue Science is thrilled to announce that MINERA PANAMA, S.A., subsidiary of First Quantum Minerals Ltd., has chosen to utilize Readi, the predictive fatigue management technology, in a site-wide implementation at the Cobre Panama mine. MINERA PANAMA, S.A. has developed and operated the mining project referred to as the “Mina de Cobre Panamá” (Cobre Panama) authorized under the Environmental Impact Study approved by Resolution DIEORA IA-1210-2011 of December 28, 2011, and other Environmental Documents in the area granted under the Concession. 

“We are excited to implement Readi to protect all of our operators at Cobre Panama from the risks of fatigue,” says Edwin Salazar, Mine Production Manager. “After successfully evaluating the platform on site, we are confident that adopting Readi in Mine Operations and Tailings Management Facilities will enhance the safety and productivity of our workforce at Cobre Panama.”

Around 4,000 individuals work in safety-sensitive mining operations at the Cobre Panama mine, which has a focus on extracting copper.

Readi serves as a daily operational tool for supervisor decision-making, informing critical decisions regarding break assignment and, in exceptional cases of fatigue, task reassignment to a less fatigued operator. It also serves as a system of record for operational fatigue data, bringing quantifiable insight into fatigue levels at the mine over time.

Readi relies on the scientifically-validated SAFTE biomathematical model and Machine Learning algorithms to generate personalized fatigue predictions. It then provides shift supervisors with tailored fatigue predictions for each operator on their crew, pushed to their mobile device at the beginning of every shift. 

“We are pleased to bring Readi’s proven capabilities in predictive fatigue management to First Quantum Minerals’ Cobre Panama mine,” says Andrew Morden, President & CEO of Fatigue Science. “This implementation showcases MINERA PANAMA S.A.’s dedication to prioritizing worker health and safety while tapping into technology that is also shown to measurably improve productivity. Cobre Panama joins a growing list of cutting-edge mines around the world to leverage Readi daily.”

Dr. Franco Silva, Occupational Health Coordinator at Cobre Panama, adds “Readi’s scientifically-validated approach significantly enhances the health and safety of our workforce, setting a new standard for fatigue management with objective and predictive data.”

How Readi Works

Readi is the world’s leading fatigue management information system, and in recent years has become known as the standard for “predictive” fatigue management. The US National Safety Council recently awarded Readi the 2022 Safety Innovation Award for its contributions to the development of new best practices that effectively reduce safety incidents and increase mine productivity.

As part of its rollout, MINERA PANAMA, S.A., has distributed ReadiWatch smartwatches to a significant number of their most safety-sensitive operators in Cobre Panama mine.

Although Readi doesn’t require the use of wearables, the devices will allow operators to receive on-wrist Fatigue Alerts, alongside the alerts given to supervisors. Wearables also improve the accuracy of fatigue predictions by supplying sleep data for the system to securely and confidentially analyze. Sleep data are not shared by default.

An Investment in Employee Safety and Well-Being

By investing in Readi, Cobre Panama mine is exemplifying the commitment of MINERA PANAMA, S.A., subsidiary of First Quantum Minerals Ltd., to prioritizing worker health and safety and leveraging proven technology to optimize operations.

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