Featured in International Mining: Readi deployed by Newcrest, using ML to predict fatigue

We are thrilled to be featured in International Mining’s latest article, highlighting the deployment of our predictive fatigue management technology, Readi, by Newcrest Mining at their Lihir gold mine in Papua New Guinea. Newcrest joins the growing number of leading mining companies adopting Readi, our Machine Learning fatigue technology based on the scientifically-validated biomathematical model, SAFTE™.

International Mining’s article describes how Readi both acts as a system of record for operational fatigue data and serves as a daily tool for supervisor decision-making. Readi uses Machine Learning to calculate a unique and personalized fatigue prediction for every operator, for each hour in every shift. These hour-by-hour fatigue predictions are provided to supervisors and operators via mobile notifications. Wearables are not required, but can optionally be used to further enhance fatigue awareness among operators.

We are grateful for the opportunity to be featured in International Mining and for the recognition of the impact Readi has on the safety and productivity of mines that have deployed the technology. We are committed to supporting the mission of our customers, like Newcrest, to prioritize health and safety in their operations. Read the full text of International Mining’s article here.

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