Fatigue Science welcomes Amelie St Onge Tousignant as VP, Channel Programs



Vancouver, Canada – January 28, 2020 —

Fatigue Science, the global leader in fatigue risk prediction and analysis, announces the addition of an accomplished executive to lead their Channel Partner strategy and execution. Amelie St Onge Tousignant has joined Fatigue Science as the newly appointed Vice President, Channel Programs, where she will lead Fatigue’s Science’s Global Channel initiatives.

“We are very pleased to welcome Amelie to the Fatigue Science team,” said David Trotter, Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing. “As we enter fiscal 2020, we all recognize the critical role our Channel network plays in our growth and success.”

Trotter continues, “In the past year, Fatigue Science has seen a strong influx of interest from global firms looking to bring fatigue measurement technology into their verticals. Amelie’s wealth of experience in growing partner ecosystems is an excellent fit to help us forge these relationships which will be instrumental in extending our reach throughout an ever-growing customer base.”

“Amelie brings great experience to our Partners to help them capitalize on opportunities to work with us.” Trotter adds, “Her people-first leadership style will help us drive superior customer and partner experiences.”

Amelie was previously Regional Manager, North America for Micromine, a leading provider of software solutions for the Mining Industry. At Micromine, Amelie oversaw all aspects of the company’s North American operations. Prior to Micromine, Amelie spent nine years as a Senior Manager for Export Development Canada (EDC) where she helped many Canadian companies with their international growth efforts. Amelie’s focus has been on developing key partnerships, strategic market development, and top-line growth, all of which will extend into her new role at Fatigue Science.

“I am very pleased to be joining Fatigue Science,” says Amelie. “Industries are becoming aware of how sleep affects organizational outcomes both in terms of risk, and opportunities to enhance productivity. I look forward to working with all of our partners and customers to improving the health, effectiveness, performance, and safety of organizations and individuals globally.”


About Fatigue Science

As the world’s leading expert in fatigue measurement, prediction and analysis solutions, Fatigue Science is at the forefront of providing accurate and reliable fatigue scoring and predictions to industrial workforces, professional sports teams and military personnel. With the Readi mobile software application and wearable technology, Fatigue Science is empowering individuals and organizations around the world to be healthier, safer, and perform at higher levels.


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