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Fatigue Science launches ReadiWatch, the first purpose-built industrial wearable delivering predictive and realtime Fatigue Alerts without a smartphone

Debut of flagship smartwatch—enabled by passive, background cloud syncing—delivering a complete on-wrist experience for the operator while offline, as well as real-time and predictive fatigue analytics to the enterprise

Vancouver, BC — Sep 30, 2021

Fatigue Science, the global leader in predictive fatigue analytics and information systems for heavy industry and military, is pleased to announce the release of ReadiWatch, a purpose-built smartwatch delivering predictive fatigue awareness and both real-time and predictive Fatigue Alerts to operators and the enterprise in safety-sensitive industrial environments.

ReadiWatch expands the growing ecosystem of wearables compatible with the Readi Fatigue Management Information System, and it is the first smartwatch designed and purpose-built for industrial fatigue risk management, delivering on a wide array of long-standing customer needs in mining and related sectors.

Purpose-Built Functionality for Mining & Heavy Industry
Offline Fatigue Alerts
is foremost among ReadiWatch’s  industrial features, and the complete experience is on the wrist. After a single automatic background sync when in proximity of a sync station or smartphone, operators receive both personal sleep insights and a Fatigue Forecast for the upcoming shift. Operators report for duty prepared for the shift ahead with a complete picture of their fatigue risk. ReadiWatch then delivers vibrating wrist alerts when an operator approaches or reaches critical fatigue.

“Delivering simple, actionable fatigue awareness to operators is just one core pillar of a multi-faceted fatigue management strategy. Our industrial customers strongly recognize how a well-managed, data-centric fatigue management system can increase productivity and safety. That’s why they rely on Readi’s full suite of solutions to engage leadership, operations, supervisors, and operators. ReadiWatch addresses operators directly, providing unrivaled fatigue awareness on a daily basis,” says Andrew Morden, President & CEO of Fatigue Science.

The First Smartwatch to Eliminate the Need for a Smartphone
Beyond Fatigue Alerts, ReadiWatch is designed to meet the requirements of industrial workflows. ReadiSync, a proprietary passive sync station technology, eliminates the need for operators to pair or sync their device with a smartphone — a critical request from many customers, particularly in the rapidly growing Latin American market. “While Readi supports a wide ecosystem of 3rd party devices, like those from Fitbit and Garmin, ReadiWatch is the only wearable that avoids the need for a smartphone altogether. While smartphone use is also supported, a smartphone-free setup is a real differentiator for many of our customers in Latin America and throughout much of the world,” says Robert Higdon, SVP of Product & Marketing at Fatigue Science.

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As with its predecessor, ReadiBand, ReadiWatch offers best-in-class sleep tracking, with 92% validated accuracy as compared to a sleep lab. Additionally, it provides ATM 3.0 water resistance and industrial grade durability, all in a device ~40% lighter than typical consumer smartwatches for maximal comfort during sleeping. With 14-day battery life, roughly three times that of most competitors, it is designed for users to “wear it and forget it”. Native Spanish support, an array of fitness tracking features, powerful data privacy infrastructure (sleep data remains private), and a more competitive cost than most smartwatches, complete an unrivaled offering for heavy industry.

Part of a Multi-Faceted Approach to Fatigue Risk Management
“While our recent release of Readi’s Instant Insights provides actionable data to leadership and supervisors without the use of wearables, we haven’t stopped investing in a premium experience for operators. ReadiWatch provides the most engaging and friction-free way to provide fatigue awareness directly to operators, enhancing caution on a daily basis—well in advance of critical fatigue. We’ve already seen customers achieve over a 20% reduction in overall fatigue levels by using wearables on the Readi platform, with 80%+ of chronically fatigued operators sustaining improvements over time. With ReadiWatch, we believe customers will exceed this level of proven performance—a keystone example of using data and technology to enhance productivity and safety in industrial operations,” adds Andrew Morden.

ReadiWatch is rolling out to select Readi customers starting today, with thousands of devices already committed to leading mines and industrial sites around the world.

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Fatigue Science is the leading provider of predictive fatigue analytics and human performance insights for heavy industry, elite sports, and military. Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, we provide organizations with Readi, a 360º Fatigue Management Platform, delivering historical, real-time, and forecasted insights into workforce fatigue. Our solution is built on scientifically-validated biomathematical models that quantify and predict the effects of sleep disruption on reaction time and cognitive effectiveness, key elements of fatigue. High performance organizations use our software to optimize operations, reduce risk, and increase productivity — both at an individual- and enterprise-level. With a proven return on investment and significant traction in heavy industry, military, and elite sports, Fatigue Science serves cutting-edge organizations who understand the importance of sleep as well as the value of data-driven decision-making.

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