At Fatigue Science, we are passionate about providing an excellent experience to our customers, from our sales process to the usability of our product.  However, perhaps the most passionate about this experience is the Vice President of Customer Experience herself, Erin Kelly.  We sat down with Erin and her team to discuss their support for Fatigue Science customers.

How would you describe the Fatigue Science Customer Experience?

It’s the role of the Customer Experience team at Fatigue Science to understand the needs of our enterprise customers and to work with them to achieve their goals.  Our customers want access to objective and actionable data for managing daily fatigue risks, as well as understanding the long term relationship between sleep and fatigue and their impact on their operations.

The Customer Experience team not only helps customers roll out this technology site-wide, or company-wide, but we also help customize their data to make it configurable for their specific needs and requirements, and support them in achieving long-term health and safety benefits for their workforce.

Our goal when working with our customers is to guide their experience of our product in five key areas:

  • Enabling customers to leverage products and gain the most value
  • Working together in a partnership
  • Assisting their experience with the Fatigue Risk Management Program to achieve success
  • Implementing our products within their workforce
  • utilize new features to benefit customer needs

We focus on showing the value of gathering fatigue data and reporting on it to show how managing fatigue impacts bottom line.

What Teams support Customer Experience?

The Customer Experience team incorporates several results-focused roles that work together to support our enterprise customers’ success with our program.

Tech Support – The Technical Support team provides a day-to-day response to technical inquiries from Readi™ end users and managers. They are dedicated to providing timely and efficient solutions to quick queries and troubleshooting in rare cases where the user’s experience may not match their expectation.

Data Analysts – Our Business Analytics team is available for customers who are perhaps new to incorporating fatigue analytics into their ongoing reporting or operations or need services in complex analysis.  They are passionate about supporting clients in obtaining value from Fatigue Science data and finding new ways to understand how and where fatigue impacts their business.

Customer Success – Some enterprise customers managing large or complex deployments may also have a dedicated Customer Success Manager to collaborate with the client.  Their goal is to keep customers armed with strategies to make their program successful.

Can you go more into detail about how you support the roll-out of the Readi Enterprise Suite?

For enterprise-level projects, our Customer Success team is part of the process from the very beginning, even including the initial sales discovery.  This ensures that the customer has a seamless transition using the technology, right from the onset of the process. They are then involved in a product trial or pilot, and throughout a roll-out of a more robust subscription, which includes training and other types of specific support.

We have two parts to our key objectives when partnering with an organization:

  1. Engaging ReadiBand wearers so they are active participants and their data contributes to program objectives,
  2. Helping Supervisors to access data that leads to new insights and achieving their goals.

How does the team support clients in achieving long term health and safety benefits?

When a customer has an ongoing enterprise program, they are assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) to partner with customer Program Managers directly. That CSM helps support the integration of our Readi Enterprise solution to their existing health and safety protocols and fatigue risk management protocols, and make sure that our tech is fitting in with their current systems, reporting dashboards, and workflows.

The CSM also can give training, depending on the client, this can be online, over the phone, or even in some cases, directly on-site in person.  Our team also helps support the Project Manager leading the Fatigue Risk Management program with tips on how to best utilize our ReadiAnalytics self-reporting dashboards, how to increase worker buy-in for increased compliance wearing our ReadiBand, and other tools on how to track fatigue changes in their organization over time.

How does Technical Support help drive ongoing success with the customer?

Our Technical Support team helps customers resolve issues that may arise with the technology, including our ReadiBand, our mobile app Readi, and our any of our web-based dashboards, including ReadiAnalytics. They are also readily available to troubleshoot technical challenges and share user feedback with the Product team.

You mentioned roll-out and support.  Are there any other added benefits to working with Customer Success?

Yes! We are able to offer Custom Analytics and Reporting for customers when they might need a more robust analysis than our self-managed ReadiAnalytics tool provides. While the ReadiAnalytics Suite grows, we are currently able to provide two different types of customized analytics: Custom Fatigue and Schedule Analysis and Customized ROI Business Case Development.

Custom Fatigue and Schedule Analysis are paid services in which analysis on sleep and fatigue data is performed in a special format matching a customer’s specification, revealing insights that are not able to be answered by ReadiAnalytics alone.  Customers can use these insights from these reports to drive productivity by planning highest value tasks for the highest performing times, avoiding the most dangerous times for the most safety-critical tasks, or to adjust shifts to reduce the recurrence of hotspots.

A custom ROI analysis – we work closely with our company’s key stakeholders in the customers’ management team to develop a custom business case that projects a specific ROI for the expanded and ongoing use of Readi Enterprise Suite.

Final words?

Our team is extremely passionate about the opportunity we have to help you get a significant amount of value out of the unique data our technology provides!

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