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Fatigue Science announces Instant Insights, an automated tool that pinpoints scheduling hotspots

Leveraging the FAST® predictive forecasting technology, Instant Insights delivers actionable fatigue risk management insights in minutes

Vancouver, BC — September 8, 2021

Fatigue Science, the global leader in providing predictive fatigue analytics and information systems to heavy industry and military, is pleased to announce the launch of Instant Insights, an automated fatigue modeling tool and an additional component of Readi, its Fatigue Management Information System (FMIS).

Instant Insights exposes fatigue risk exposure in schedules, shifts, and roster patterns, enabling highly effective and efficient task planning, schedule optimization, and productivity enhancements. It is a powerful and seamless tool both for fatigue-based schedule modeling and for providing real-time actionable insights to operations managers and supervisors.

How It Works
Using advanced automations and predictive modelling, Instant Insights plots shift patterns and customizable schedules in just a few taps.

From there, Readi’s AutoSleep technology generates sleep assumptions based on the configuration of a variety of available sleep profiles. For example, you can see the effect of a particular schedule on a good sleeper or poor sleeper.

And for the first time, fatigue modelling can be truly personalized to the operation on the ground. If the customer has also deployed wearables as part of Readi, sleep profiles used in the analysis will mimic a specific crew’s anonymized sleep patterns.

Like its predecessor FAST® — the Fatigue Avoidance Scheduling Tool — and all tools on the Readi platform, Instant Insights makes fatigue predictions using the scientifically-validated SAFTE™ Biomathematical Fatigue Model.

Transformative for Modern Data-Driven Operations
“For over a decade, our most advanced customers have relied on FAST to model their schedules and understand the inherent fatigue exposure in their rosters,” says Andrew Morden, CEO of Fatigue Science. “While FAST remains incredibly powerful, it requires significant effort to operate, which limits its ability to provide scalable insights across large enterprises. With Instant Insights, we’re now delivering the best of what FAST has to offer — at nearly the touch of a button. This means actionable fatigue data across your entire operation.”

Fitting Your Organization’s Culture: With or Without Wearables
“For all our customers, it’s essential to know when and where fatigue hotspots are in their operations. While our platform Readi is widely used to provide these data to firms using wearables, Instant Insights is the first Readi feature that works without requiring wearables,” adds Robert Higdon, SVP of Product & Marketing of Fatigue Science. “Customers now have a choice of where to begin their fatigue management journey. Whether you’re ready to start using wearables today or you’d rather model schedules first, Readi will meet you where you are and deliver meaningful insights on day one. From there, wearables can help personalize your data further at your organization’s pace, when you’re ready.”

Instant Insights is rolling out today worldwide to all industrial customers of the Readi FMIS.

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About Fatigue Science
Fatigue Science is the leading provider of predictive fatigue analytics and human performance insights for heavy industry, elite sports, and military. Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, we provide organizations with Readi, a 360º Fatigue Management Platform, delivering historical, real-time, and forecasted insights into workforce fatigue. Our solution is built on scientifically-validated biomathematical models that quantify and predict the effects of sleep disruption on reaction time and cognitive effectiveness, key elements of fatigue. High performance organizations use our software to optimize operations, reduce risk, and increase productivity — both at an individual- and enterprise-level. With a proven return on investment and significant traction in heavy industry, military, and elite sports, Fatigue Science serves cutting-edge organizations who understand the importance of sleep as well as the value of data-driven decision-making.

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