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Fatigue Science announces Fatigue Intervention Tracking, game-changing workflow advancement for fatigue management

New tracking tool dramatically simplifies a critical workflow, enabling supervisors and team leaders to seamlessly record fatigue interventions taken throughout a shift

Vancouver, BC — February 18, 2021

Fatigue Science, the global leader in providing human fatigue and performance predictive analytics and fatigue management information systems to heavy industry, military, and elite sports teams, is pleased to announce the launch of Fatigue Intervention Tracking as part of its Readi fatigue management platform.

Targeted at industrial shift supervisors and those managing crews in heavy industry and military, Fatigue Intervention Tracking dramatically simplifies the task of recording interventions that are taken to ensure operator safety and performance throughout a shift. Furthermore, this new functionality transforms Readi, the broader platform from Fatigue Science, into a comprehensive hub for handling all fatigue management activity in one place.

“For shift supervisors, we know how challenging it can be to manage fatigue in your crew during a shift. Part of the challenge is intervening when necessary to prevent safety incidents and to ensure the right worker is on the right task at the right time. Another part of the challenge, though, is recording those interventions. Simply put, supervisors don’t have time to waste on manual record-keeping. They need a seamless, automated process and toolkit,” says Robert Higdon, SVP of Product & Marketing of Fatigue Science. “While supervisors have long relied on our ReadiSupervise dashboard to monitor fatigue, they’ve lacked an easy way to log the interventions they make using those data.”

“As with most things in business, you manage what you measure,” says Andrew Morden, President & CEO of Fatigue Science. “As a supervisor, if you don’t keep an accurate record of fatigue interventions, it’s challenging for the organization to get a clear picture of fatigue management efforts and leverage them into reducing fatigue incidents and optimizing operations in the future.”

Historically, organizations have resorted to pen-and-paper or time-consuming manual data entry to track interventions, leaving many unrecorded or under-leveraged. Now, supervisors can achieve their ideal entire fatigue management workflow in a few simple taps, directly inside ReadiSupervise. “All the metadata around fatigue is pulled into the record automatically and stored securely. You can add in a few notes if you want, but you don’t have to waste precious time writing down info that’s already there,” Higdon adds.

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Along with the Intervention functionality, the release also heralds an overhaul of the ReadiSupervise tool itself, integrating with shift schedules to ensure supervisors only see information about the right crew at the right time. “It all just fits together,” adds Morden. “To meet the needs of our customers, fatigue data needs to be presented in different ways for each part of the operational value chain. Whether it’s analytics for leadership teams, personal Fatigue Alerts for operators, or a frictionless intervention tool for supervisors, all the pieces come together in Readi, our centralized and secure Fatigue Management Information System.”

“Our most successful and dedicated customers achieve significant productivity and safety benefits by using our full suite of tools on a daily basis. With these new advancements, it’s now far easier for firms to achieve these benefits—without as much up-front effort. It makes daily fatigue management seamless and practical for many more organizations,” concludes Morden.

Fatigue Intervention Tracking and the new ReadiSupervise are available today to all industrial customers of the Readi Fatigue Management Information System.

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About Fatigue Science:

Fatigue Science is the leading provider of predictive fatigue analytics and human performance insights for heavy industry, elite sports, and military. Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, we provide organizations with Readi, a 360º Fatigue Management Platform, delivering historical, real-time, and forecasted insights into workforce fatigue. Our solution is built on scientifically-validated biomathematical models that quantify and predict the effects of sleep disruption on reaction time and cognitive effectiveness, key elements of fatigue. High performance organizations use our software to optimize operations, reduce risk, and increase productivity — both at an individual- and enterprise-level. With a proven return on investment and significant traction in heavy industry, military, and elite sports, Fatigue Science serves cutting-edge organizations who understand the importance of sleep as well as the value of data-driven decision-making.

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