Joanne Hemstead and Rafa Echavarria

Fatigue Science adds strategic leadership

Industry veterans Joanne Hemstead and Rafa Echavarria have joined the industrial software implementation services team.

Vancouver, Canada – January 26, 2021 –

Fatigue Science, the global leader in fatigue risk prediction and analysis, announces the addition of two accomplished professionals to its team. Joanne Hemstead has joined Fatigue Science as the Director, Implementation and Professional Services, while Rafael (Rafa) Echavarria has joined as a Consultant.

“We are very pleased to welcome Joanne and Rafa to the Fatigue Science team,” said Andrew Morden, President and CEO. “As we enter fiscal 2021, we all recognize the critical role our implementation and expansion strategies play in creating winning customers and enabling our continued growth and success in the industrial sector.”

Joanne was previously Director of Data and Analytics for Canfor, a leading integrated forest products company. At Canfor, she initiated the Enterprise Data and Analytics function, created a culture of collaboration, and implemented new technologies. Prior to Canfor, Joanne was the Director of Delivery Operations at Bit Stew Systems, acquired by GE Digital in 2016, where she worked closely with customers implementing a software platform that handled complex data integrations and data analysis of the Industrial Internet of Things connected devices for the utility industry. Joanne brings over 20 years of experience in software delivery as a vendor and as a customer, all of which inform her capabilities in leading customer implementations in her new role at Fatigue Science.

“I am thrilled to be joining Fatigue Science, as our mission here directly relates to my passion for health and wellness and the impact of fatigue on human performance, particularly in industrial environments. My experience working in diverse sectors of heavy industry, including in manufacturing, forestry, and utilities, makes me excited to apply my knowledge of the space to help our industrial customers drive their effectiveness and productivity with data,” said Joanne.

Before joining Fatigue Science, Rafa accumulated more than 30 years of international experience leading Health & Safety programs at major chemical, consulting, and mining firms — most recently at Newmont Corporation at Peñasquito Mine, the world’s fifth-largest silver mine.

Rafa’s leadership in managing industrial Health and Safety programs spans across a vast array of geographies and cultures, including those in Canada, Latin America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Building on the momentum of Fatigue Science’s recent wins in heavy industry, Rafa is now assisting Fatigue Science’s industrial sales, implementation, and customer success efforts, particularly in the mining sector.

“Most recently, I was honored to lead the successful sitewide implementation of a fatigue risk management program at Peñasquito, a large gold and silver mine in Northern Mexico,” said Rafa. “Fatigue Science’s Readi fatigue management information system was an important element of this program, and it proved central to achieving a greater than 20% fatigue reduction for the mine. It also led to a clear path to measuring significant productivity improvements at Peñasquito. Here at Fatigue Science, I’m excited to take the many lessons I learned first-hand in deploying this program and applying this knowledge to help other mines around the world achieve comparable and greater results.”

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Fatigue Science is the leading provider of predictive fatigue analytics and human performance insights for heavy industry, elite sports, and military. Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, we provide organizations with Readi, a 360º Fatigue Management Platform, delivering historical, real-time, and forecasted insights into workforce fatigue. Our solution is built on scientifically-validated biomathematical models that quantify and predict the effects of sleep disruption on reaction time and cognitive effectiveness, key elements of fatigue. High performance organizations use our software to optimize operations, reduce risk, and increase productivity — both at an individual- and enterprise-level. With a proven return on investment and significant traction in heavy industry, military, and elite sports, Fatigue Science serves cutting-edge organizations who understand the importance of sleep as well as the value of data-driven decision-making.