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Sleep, football players, and the NFL Scouting Combine's 40-yard dash

What would a 2.1% increase in sprint performance mean to this group of the NFL hopefuls?
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Webinar: The science of sleep and athletic performance

We invite all high performance athletes, coaches, trainers, and anyone interested in learning more about how sleep can effect athletic performance, recovery, and career longevity to join us.

Sleep and athlete recovery

Sleep is important to athletes for a number of reasons, including overall performance and recovery.
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10 Reasons sports teams should use Fatigue Science technology

Sleep has a very measurable impact on physical and cognitive performance - both of which need to be consistently in top form to sustain competitiveness at an elite athletic level.

Seattle Sounders FC: Sounders add Fatigue Science to their "arsenal of technologies"

It’s about creating awareness in the athletes that how well you slept three or four days ago is going to have an impact on how you perform today.

The road to Sochi

The road to Sochi is a long and challenging one, as athletes devote years of training and sacrifice to have a shot at bringing home a gold medal. But for many athletes, the road to Sochi is also literally long and challenging.
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BetaKit: Don't be the drunken entrepreneur

Betakit writer, John Gray, spent some time with Fatigue Science CEO, Sean Kerklaan, to discuss Fatigue Science's technology, the CEO life, and how the science behind sleep and performance matters to industrial workers, professional elite athletes, and start-up CEO's alike.
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Seattle Sounders bringing sleep analytics to the MLS with Fatigue Science

"David Tenney is leading the way with the Seattle Sounders in the MLS to embrace a more analytical approach to managing the team training and game preparation. We couldn't be happier to be working with them."
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Circadian factors in athletic performance

A new study published in the December issue of the Journal of Sleep has looked at the impact of circadian factors on athletic performance in NFL football players and concluded that those "playing close to the circadian peak in performance demonstrate a significant athletic advantage over those who are playing at other times."
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Tips for athletes to get their rest before a big game

You have done all the training, eaten all the right things, and are feeling ready for the big competition tomorrow. How do you make sure all your confidence isn’t derailed by one bad night of sleep?
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For athletes sleep is about more than just winning a game

Yes, a strategically rested basketball player will be 9.3% more likely to make that three-point shot at the buzzer and a baseball player more likely to swing at the right time to hit that fastball - but there is evidence to show that athletes who pay attention to sleep suffer less injuries and have longer careers.
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Showing up to work tired is just like showing up to work drunk

"During the last few decades the average American has lost an hour and a half of sleep per night. Sleep researchers at Harvard say the workplace is suffering to the tune of $63 billion a year as a result of insomnia, and all the health and productivity problems that go with it..."
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, Analyzing the sleep patterns of the Dallas Mavericks

The start of the NBA season has basketball fans smiling, but the rise of tech in support of better basketball has NBA owners smiling more. The influence of tech is growing, and we’ve seen more than a few headlines over the weeks leading into the 2013-14 season to prove the relationship is growing.
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Are fatigued referees hurting your favourite team's shot at a championship?

Sam Allardyce: "Fatigue is everything in terms of decision making. Once it kicks in, you lose the ability to make those decisions correctly...They need to ease the load on the referees we have."
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NBC Sports: Mavericks getting scientific about sleep, fatigue and game performance

They tend to stay up late, get a few hours sleep, go through practice/shoot around, get an afternoon nap then be ready for the game (or whatever is on tap) that night.